Pet Urgent Care in Albemarle, NC

Pet Urgent Care Services Offered

Our pet urgent care services include emergency medical care, diagnostic testing, surgical procedures, pain management, and wound care.

Find out how our experienced veterinary team at Fairview Veterinary Clinic can help your furry friend in their time of need.

Emergency medical care

We offer round-the-clock emergency medical support for your beloved pets. Here at Fairview Veterinary Clinic, we understand that accidents and illnesses can happen at any time, our team is fully prepared to handle urgent situations.

From unexpected ailments to serious injuries, quick and effective intervention is guaranteed. We strive to reduce the stress linked with pet emergencies by employing cutting-edge technology and specialized expertise in immediate pet care.

Recognizing that every second counts during an emergency vet visit, our committed staff focuses on providing premier veterinary services precisely when your pet requires it most.

Diagnostic testing

In Fairview Veterinary Clinic, we perform extensive diagnostic tests to safeguard the health of your pet. Utilizing cutting-edge instruments and technology forms a part of this process. From taking blood samples to conducting urine tests, along with x-rays and ultrasounds, every internal health aspect is thoroughly examined here.

The proficient team at hand accurately interprets these test results for essential understanding into the pet’s condition that helps create apt treatment plans.

Surgical procedures

We provide an extensive array of surgical procedures tailored to cater for your pets’ requirements. Our services encompass minor outpatient surgeries as well as more intricate operations, all carried out by a skilled team committed to delivering exceptional care during these pivotal periods.

Adherence to strict protocols guarantees safety and comfort in all our surgical methods. Each surgery commences with a comprehensive pre-surgical examination encompassing diagnostic testing.

Our experts employ advanced anesthesia techniques and pain management solutions, ensuring animals experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. Constant monitoring of vital signs throughout surgery and prioritized post-operative care aids speedy recuperation.

Get prompt medical attention for your pets when it’s most critical with Fairview Veterinary Clinic!

Pain management

Our clinic prioritizes the management of your pet’s discomfort during emergency situations. We utilize cutting-edge tactics to effectively control pain in all critical care cases. Our highly skilled team leverages their expert knowledge to guarantee comfort and diminish distress throughout intensive treatments.

Pet emergencies frequently entail pain, which can increase if not adequately addressed. This is why a vital component of our immediate pet care services focuses on alleviating this discomfort and facilitating a quicker recovery for pets, helping them regain their vivacity sooner.

Wound care

At our veterinary clinic, we offer complete wound care for your pets. Our trained veterinarians can treat a range of wounds, such as cuts, punctures, and abrasions. We use advanced techniques and sterilized tools to clean and disinfect the wounds effectively, preventing any infections.

Additionally, we provide solutions to manage pain so that your pet remains comfortable during the healing journey. Count on us for your pet’s wound care needs; we promise top-notch medical expertise and compassionate treatment.